How to email attendees with Big Tickets

Whether you're reaching out to past attendees, or you need to get in touch with current ticket holders, you can use Big Tickets Send Emails feature. Follow these steps to create an email to send to attendees.

Step 1: Create email

1. From the main menu select Email Management > Send Emails.

2. Enter the Email Name (for your records only) and Email Subject.

3. Choose whether you want to send your email based on a template, or create your own email.

Step 2: Select recipients and send time

1. Click Continue. Choose a Send Date/Time.

2. Choose who you want to send the email to. You'll see several options:

  • Send to entire list - This will send your email to anyone who has purchased tickets to your events through Big Tickets.
  • Send to people that have purchased tickets to specific events - This option allows you to choose which event attendees you want to send your email to (instead of sending an email to all purchasers).
  • Send to people interested in specific types of events - This option helps you narrow your email marketing efforts by sending emails to people who have purchased tickets to similar events.
  • Send to top fans - This is a great tool for marketing to your most devoted patrons.
  • Send to a saved email segment - Send emails to a custom list. Set up email segments under Email Management > Segment Emails.

Step 3: Send email

Click Continue to review your email. Click Save Campaign to save and finish.

⇒ Quick tip

Like what you see here, but need more options? You can now  integrate your MailChimp email lists with your Big Tickets purchaser lists.

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