AdRoll Retargeting

Use  AdRoll Retargeting to show ads across platforms and devices to users who have already visited your event pages.

To set up your AdRoll integration with Big Tickets, please follow the instructions below.

Connecting AdRoll to your Big Tickets account

Step 1: Create an AdRoll account.

If you don't already have one you can create one  here

Step 2: Copy your AdRoll retargeting pixel. 

Sign in to AdRoll and select the Audience tab. Then select Smartpixel.

Note: the image below shows Smartpixel inactive because it hasn't been added to the website yet. 

Step 3: Copy your AdRoll Adv ID and Pix ID.

adroll_adv_id = KWW772HPXFDTLKQECGULVU


Step 4: Add your AdRoll Adv ID and Pix ID to your event pages. 

Go to  My Events > Manage Events > Select event > Go to Social & Integrations tab (Step 2) > Add your pixels > Save your event. 

Looking for additional information about retargeting and how to best utilize AdRoll's platform?  Learn more here.

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