View purchase trends

The Purchase Trends report gives you an in-depth view into how many people are visiting your link, abandonment rates, and conversions. This report is powerful for optimizing your event set up, identifying key traffic increases, and analyzing the purchase process. 

By default the Purchase Trends report shows year-to-date data for all events but you can expand or narrow the search to a single event or to a wider date range. Start by going to Charts & Reports > Analyze > Purchase Trends.

Step 1: View a snapshot of purchase trends

The Purchase Trends dashboard gives you a quick overview of the total number of visits to your purchase page(s), the percentage of mobile vs. desktop visits, and the total number of purchases made.

⇒ Quick tip

If you've sold tickets for multiple events, you can narrow down the Dashboard to a single event by choosing the event from the dropdown menu above the Conversion Rates graph. Click Generate Report to refresh your dashboard totals.

Step 2: View conversion rates

The Conversion Rates chart is a graphic representation of the number of visits compared to the number of purchases. Purchase abandonment at the ticketing page averages 80-90% and decreases as the purchase nears completion.

Step 3: Compare visits to purchases

This charts provides an overview of your visitors and purchases over a set time period.

⇒ Quick tip

Hover your mouse over the chart to view daily totals.

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