View promo code usage in the promo code report

Promo codes can be used lots of different ways, from tracking marketing efforts to giving away free tickets to partners. View promo code usage by selecting Charts & Reports > Event Reports > Promo Codes from the main menu.

Promotion Totals

This report shows you the number of times each promo code has been used [1], the total amount that has been discounted [3], and the total amount paid [4]. Click on the promo code name [2] to view which orders were placed using the promo code.

Click Export Report to export a .csv file with the following details:

  • Discount - Discount amount or percentage
  • Count - How many times the promo code was used
  • Promo Code - The name of the promo code
  • Total Discounts - The total amount that has been discounted
  • Amount Paid - Amount paid by ticket buyer
  • Ticket Value - The ticket price, excluding any discounts

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