Create a promo code to get free tickets

Want to create complimentary tickets for volunteers, sponsors or VIP's? No problem! Sending free tickets is as easy as creating a promo code and redeeming it for tickets. Here's how:

Step 1: Create a promo code

1. Start by going to My Events > Promo Codes [1]. Choose the event name from the drop-down menu [2]. If you don't see your event listed use the Find button to expand your search range.

2. Click +Add Promo Code and enter the following promo code details:

  • Promotion Code - This is the name for your promo code.
  • Total Quantity - The total number of times the promo code can be used. Set the quantity to -1 to allow the promo code to be used an unlimited number of times.
  • Start Date / End Date - Limit when the promo code can be used by setting the start and end dates.
  • Discount Type / Amount - Set this to 100% for free tickets.
  • Notes - Add an optional note (for your records only).
  • Ticket Types - Choose which ticket types the promo code can be applied to.

  3. Click Add Promotion to save the promo code.

Step 2: Redeem promo code for tickets

Now that you've created a promo code, it can be used to get free tickets by entering the code into the Promo Code field on your event page.

1. From the main menu select My Events > Event links and click on the Buy tickets link.

2. Select the number of tickets you want to send. Enter the promo code from step 1 into the Promo Code field. Click Reserve Tickets to continue.

3. When you're prompted to log into Big Tickets hit Continue as guest.

4. Fill in the name you want to appear on the print-at-home tickets. Enter the email address you want the tickets sent to and click Proceed to review order > Place Order.

⇒ Quick tip

Generate up to 100 comp tickets at once by increasing the Max tickets per order under Advanced ticket settings.

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