Create and track referral links

Big Tickets make it easy to create and track website referrals! You can track marketing and promotional campaigns with a unique URL for each effort. Follow the directions below to create and track referrals.

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Create a referral link
Track referrals

Create a referral link

Step 1: Find your event link

From the main menu select My Events > Event Links.

Step 2: Add referral code to event link

Copy the buy tickets link [1] and add ?referral= to the end of the URL. Whatever you put after the equal sign is reflected in the referral report.

» Example

Jamie wants to track how many tickets are purchased through the link in her email newsletter. Her buy tickets link is:

So the referral link looks like:

Step 3: Distribute referral link

Copy the link and distribute it via your marketing channels or promoters.


Now you can supercharge your reporting by combining promo codes with your referral links. By creating a promo code for $0.00 and associating it with your referral link you now have the power of link tracking through two different reports. Append your referral code and promo code to the end of your URL using this format: 

/?referral=[referral]&promocode=[promo code] 

Track referrals

Step 1: Go to the event Transaction Report

From the main menu select Charts & Reports > Event Reports > Transaction [1]. Click Report [2] next to the event name.

Step 2: View referrals

When the page refreshes, click on the Referrals tab [1]. Scroll down to Purchase Referrals [2] to view all of the referral links that have been used to buy tickets.

⇒ Quick tip

Click + to view referral details.

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