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Big Tickets Eventpro provides event organizers real-time ticket sales, transactions, box office functionality, and the ability to check-in guests at the event. There is no longer a need to log in to the web platform for important tasks and data. With Big Tickets Eventpro app, event ticketing data is at your fingertips on any mobile device. 

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Download Big Tickets Eventpro

With Big Tickets Eventpro, you can:

  • Access real-time tickets sales and revenue data
  • Check in guests for any event
  • View details about deposits, demographics, and more
  • Touch-ID login enabled for easy access to data at any time
  • Sell Tickets at the door for your events
  • Lookup transactions and resend tickets via text message or email 

Manage Eventpro Staff

Login to Eventpro

Any user in your organization can log into Eventpro using their Big Tickets username and password.

Manage your staff login (keeps your sales and revenue data private) 

If you'd like to create a user only for scanning tickets, you can create a Scanner Username and Scanner Password. This allows any volunteers or staff working with you to download the app and scan without accessing sensitive sales data. 

Follow these steps to set up an Eventpro login with limited access to scan tickets only:

1. Log into Eventpro using your Big Tickets username and password.

2. Then tap the three-line icon in the top left to access the slide-out navigation menu. Select the STAFF option. 

3. Create a Staff Login or create custom Staff Accounts with different levels of access to the app. 

Ξ Note

You can also set up a "scan only" username and password from the Big Tickets desktop app. Here's how:

1. Log into Big Tickets at

2. Click on your name and select Manage Users from the dropdown menu.

3. Next to your username click More > Edit.

4. Enter a Scanner Username and Scanner Password. Click Update User  to save.

Scan tickets

To scan print-at-home or mobile tickets you’ll first need to download the Eventpro app. Once the app is installed on your device, you can log in using either your Big Tickets login or a scanner login.

1. Choose the scanner option from the menu (three line icon at top left)

Once you choose the scanner option you will select the name of the event you’d like to scan tickets for to begin the database sync process. It should only take a few seconds for the app to download all of the relevant ticket data from the server.

2. Scan tickets

Once the scanner option is selected you are ready to scan tickets by using the phone's camera. Tap the Big Tickets icon to open the scanner. 

Ξ Note

You may be prompted to allow Eventpro access to your device's camera to scan tickets. Click Allow.

Place the ticket in view of the camera. Once the ticket is scanned you will get a confirmation that the ticket was checked in.

⇒ Quick tip

Scanning tickets in dim lighting? Click the lightning bolt icon to turn on your device light for increased visibility.

Check in attendees

You can check in guests who have registered for your event without scanning a PDF or mobile ticket. Here's how:

1. Select Scanner from the menu

After you create an event and download Eventpro, log in using your Big Tickets username and password, select scanner from 

2. Find the attendee's ticket

Click on the barcode icon and use Ticket Lookup to search for the attendee's name. You can look up tickets by searching for the purchaser's name, the attendee's name, or the barcode number.

3. Check in ticket

You will see a ticket icon if the ticket hasn't been checked in. Click on the ticket to check it in.

Hit Check In to mark the ticket as scanned.

To check in the next guest hit the back button (<) to go back to search results.

Eventpro scan settings

These settings allow event organizers to customize scanning for their event to create a seamless and quick check-in process. 

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Sync Settings


Scan Ticket Types - Choose which ticket types can be scanned by your device. For example you can set one device to scan General Admission tickets and another device to scan VIP tickets.

Scan Mode

  • Check in - Scanning a barcode will check in attendees to the event.
  • Check out - Scanning a barcode will check out attendees from the event.
  • Validate only - Similar to Check in mode but does not check in the attendee.

Ξ Note

Control Enabled Scan Modes under Advanced scan settings.

Sync Settings

Configure your sync settings.

Sync Mode

  • Hybrid - Validates scans against a remote validation server if network is available, and against a local database if not. This is the default sync mode.
  • Local - Validates scans against a local database that is downloaded to the device.
  • Realtime - Validates scans against a remote validation server.

Validation Server

  • - Sync scans to
  • Local server - sync scans to a local server.

Device Name - Set a name for your device. The device name will show up on scan reports. Helpful when you want to track scans by device.


Control device-specific settings.

Beep Enabled - Toggle to turn scanning beep on or off.

Ticket Type Colors - Assign a color for when the ticket type is scanned.

Exit on Idle - Choose how long you want the scanner camera to stay open when you're not scanning tickets.


Link/unlink events - Link events to scan tickets for multiple events at once.

Reset scanned barcodes - Deletes all previous scans.

Enable auto-sync - Toggle this off to disable auto-sync. When auto-sync is disabled Eventpro will not look for updated versions of the ticket database.

Download database - When auto-sync is enabled Eventpro will check for new tickets every 3 minutes. To force Eventpro to download the most recent version of the database hit Download database.

Delete database - Click this option to delete all of the barcodes associated with the event. This will only delete the barcodes from the device. You can re-download the barcodes by clicking Download database.


Enabled Scan Modes - Control which scan options are available.

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