Refund tickets

It's easy to issue a full or partial refund to your attendees. Just go to My Events > Refunds to get started. The ticket buyer will receive their funds in 3-5 business days.

Refunds are not available for past events or for events that have been paid in full.

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Set up your refund policy
Refund tickets
Partial refunds

Set up your refund policy (optional)

Before refunding tickets for the first time, you'll be prompted to establish a refund policy. The refund policy will apply across all of your events.

If you don't enter a custom refund policy then it will default to the standard Big Tickets refund policy which is:

We  do not provide refunds, except for...

  1. We will provide a refund for ticket upgrades once the purchaser has already paid for the upgraded tickets.
  2. We will always provide a refund if contacted by the bank regarding a fraudulent transaction.

Refund tickets

1. Go to My Events > Refunds and search for the attendee's order by entering the confirmation number, attendee name, or email address. Click Search.

Ξ Note

Don't see the refunds option? Only account administrators can access this feature.

2. Click on the order confirmation number and check off the tickets you wish to refund. Hit Refund.

3. You'll be prompted to enter a reason for the refund. This is for your records only. Click Confirm.

4. An email message box will pop up giving you the option to send a refund confirmation email to the attendee. You can customize this email if needed. Click Send Email to send or Close to continue without sending the email.

Ξ Note

Any refunds issued will not include the service fee. If you need to issue a refund in full, please contact so we can assist.

Partial refunds

You can provide a partial refund by following the steps above and unchecking the Delete Ticket box. Under Refund Amount enter the refund amount as shown below:

Ξ Note

When a partial refund is issued the attendee's ticket remains usable. To void the ticket for entry you'll need to provide a full refund.

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