View, filter, and export your attendee list

View event attendees in the Registration report. You can even filter attendees by transaction date, ticket type, and by their answers to custom questions. Go to Charts & Reports > Event Reports > Registration to get started.

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View and export your list of attendees
Filter attendees

View and export your list of attendees

You can view a complete list of event attendees using the Registration report. Go to Charts & Reports > Event Reports > Registration to get started.

1. Click Report next to the event name to view the registration report.

2. Click on the Attendees tab and hit Report to view your attendee list.

3. Click Export to export your attendee list to a .csv file that includes the following information:

  • Confirmation number - Each order is associated with a confirmation number. There may be multiple tickets associated with a confirmation number.
  • Promo Code - If the ticket buyer used at promo code at check-out, it will be displayed here.
  • Attendee First Name / Last Name / Email / Phone / Address - Only applicable if you chose to collect additional attendee info at check-out. Otherwise only the purchaser's information is collected.
  • Attendee Gender / Birthday - Only applies if you chose to collect this additional attendee info at check-out.
  • Ticket Type - Which ticket type was purchased.
  • Price Point - Only applicable if your ticket setup includes price points [LINK].
  • Transaction Date - When the transaction occurred.
  • Ticket Value - The base value of the ticket. Doesn't include any fees or taxes charged to the customer.
  • Purchaser First Name / Last Name - The purchaser's full name.
  • Purchaser Email - The email address the order confirmation was sent to.
  • Purchaser Phone - If the purchaser entered a phone number at check-out it will appear here.
  • CC Type - Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX
  • CC Last Four - Last 4 digits of the card that was used to buy tickets.
  • Answers to custom questions you've created will appear in additional columns.

Filter attendees

You can filter the Registration report by transaction date, ticket type, answers to custom questions, and more.

1. From the Attendees tab define your Attendee Search Criteria.

2. Hit Report to view the filtered list. Hit Export to export the results to a .csv file.

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