Upload promo codes in bulk

Save time setting up sponsor tickets, discount codes and more by uploading up to 300 promo codes at once. Go to My Events > Promo Codes to get started.

1. Choose the event name from the dropdown menu and click +Add Promo Code.

2. Enter promo code names in the Promotion Code field. Use a space or comma to denote a new promo code as shown below:

In this example we've created 5 promo codes at once: 

  • SVC7884
  • SVC6229
  • SVC3423
  • SVC2497
  • SVC9447

Ξ Note

Upload up to 300 promo codes at once by copying and pasting promo code names from a spreadsheet or word doc into the Promotion Code field.

⇒ Quick tip

Sites like  randomcodegenerator.com let you generate hundreds of codes at a time. You can even exclude confusing characters like 1,I, 0, O, or generate codes using a certain pattern.

3. Enter the Total Quantity. This is the total number of times each promo codes can be used. In this example we set up 5 promo codes (SVC7884, SVC6229, SVC3423, SVC2497, SVC9447) that can be used 2 times each.

⇒ Quick tip

Need more control over how the promo code is used? Click  Show Advanced Options and set the Quantity Per Order (how many tickets the promo code can be applied to in a single order) and choose whether to limit promo code usage to once per email address.

4. Control when the promo codes can be used by setting the start and end date [1] and time [2].

5. Choose whether you want to provide a discount based on percentage or dollar amount [1]. Enter the discount amount [2].

6. Add an optional note (for your records only).

7. Choose which ticket types the promo codes can be applied to [1]. Click Add Promotion to save [2].

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