Can a promo code be used for more than one event?

Yes! Account administrators can enable Account Promo Codes to create a promo code that can be used on across multiple events.

Step 1: Enable account promo codes

1. From the Dashboard click on your name to access settings. Choose Configure Defaults from the dropdown menu.

2. When the page refreshes choose Yes where it says Allow promotion codes to be entered across all lists. Click Submit to save.

Step 2: Add promo code(s)

1. Go to My Events > Promo Codes. Click on the A ccount Promo Codes tab and click +Add Promo Codes.

2. Fill in details about your promo code(s), including:

  • Promotion Code - This is the name for your promo code.
  • Total Quantity -The total number of times the promo code can be used. Set the quantity to -1 to allow the promo code to be used an unlimited number of times.
  • Start Date / End Date - Limit when the promo code can be used by setting the start and end dates.
  • Discount Type / Amount - Set the discount type (percentage or dollar amount) and discount amount.
  • Notes - Add an optional note (for your records only).

3. Select which events and ticket types your promo code(s) will apply to. Click Add Promotion to save.

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